Thursday, August 27, 2009

{Real Weddings} Rebecca & Chris

Rebecca is an old buddy of mine from college. We actually met in a web design class. Since graduating Rebecca has moved on to become a Graphic Designer for INT Design, where she currently designs collateral, print and websites for a variety of clients in industries ranging from entertainment, education, technology, retail and more.

I was so excited to hear from Rebecca when her and her now husband Chris got engaged. Knowing what a fantastic designer she was, I couldn't wait to see how she would design all of the elements of her wedding.

Just about every element of her wedding was handcrafted and either designed and made by herself, or by a very talented friend or relative. One of my favorite things she decided on was her color palette. The green, copper and peachy colors not only blended really well with her existing event space, but worked perfect for the season (the couple was married in June).

Being a graphic designer of course Rebecca made herself a fantastic wedding website which was a great reference for us guests in regards to her big event. Rebecca also designed her own invitations and other stationery and printed them out herself using stocks from LCI Paper. Her handmade, unique centerpieces were a beautiful addition to her tablescape, and only cost her about $8 a piece to make!

The focal point during her ceremony was a beautiful wood sculpture of her main design element, a lotus flower, which her uncle helped her make.

Rebecca's gorgeous wedding gown was also custom designed and made for her by her friend Abigail Worthington and Abigal's mother. The dress was stunning and the fact it was created for her by one of her bridesmaids made it even more special.

Overall, Rebecca did an awesome job planning her wedding and it was an honor and pleasure to be a guest at it.

Photography Credit: Melissa Lin Ellis

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