Saturday, August 15, 2009

All-Systems Satellite Distributors Corporate Invitation

At my day job I'm a Marketing Executive for All-Systems Satellite Distributors. They are one of the 5 independent Distributors of DISH Network Satellite equipment. I'm normally busy designing advertising campaigns for DISH Network's independent retailers (of whom are All-Systems customers) but this time had the fun opportunity to show of my inviation design skills designing invitations to the cocktail party we were holding at DISH Network's Team Summit event. Team Summit is kind of like the large, nationwide conference DISH holds every year for their retailers.

DISH Network had specific graphics and fonts they were already using for the event, so I decided to piggy back on some of what they were doing by including the same fonts and imagry of the rockies (the event was being held in Denver).

The invitation came out great! It was colorful yet fancy enclosed in a gold lined envelope. A great first impression of the cocktail party soon to come.

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