Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kelly & Merlando Double Wedding Invitations

Kelly and Merlando are getting married on Long Island in October. Kelly had found out about Invite Couture after attending the Great Bridal Expo at the Marriot Marquis in NYC when she received one of our flyers in the bridal take away bag. I later met with her and her family to discuss what she was looking for as far as a design goes as well as to choose potential papers stocks and such.

Kelly was initally looking for a very modern design and had done much research and provided me with several examples of invitations she liked. She in particular wanted something with gold text printed on purple cardstock. After looking at some samples of my past work, she liked the graphic "scroll" element of the invitations I did for my own wedding, so we decided one of the design versions I would create for her would include a scroll graphic. Also, considering both the bride and groom's family surnames begin with the letter "M", they were interested in seeing a design with a monogram on it as well. So overall, my challenge was to create for them a modern design with a traditional twist (maybe with a scroll), a traditional invite with a modern twist incorporating a monogram and then a standard, modern design.

Since Kelly was most interested in an invitation that was a purple background with gold text, to keep her budget in check what I suggested was to go with a full color printing design on white paper (to simulate purple paper) as opposed to going with a pantone ink on the purple paper. Overall it would be less expensive for her as well as still have the affect she was looking for. Kelly also then chose a pocket envelope design with a deep purple pocket envelope and spicy gold accent cardstocks and mailing envelopes.

After completing the design process, Kelly was so happy with two of the designs she couldn't choose between them, so instead of choosing she decided to do both designs, creating one to mail to half the family and the other to the other half! It is such a compliment for me to have had both designs produced. Both designs also feature a cool, puzzle like design for the insertion cards where when in the pocket, the image is seamless. It was the first time I created designs like this and overall the results were awesome.

Working on Kelly and Merlando's invitations was such an enjoyable process and Invite Couture is so happy with the results of the finished product.

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