Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mad for Mad Men

I absoutely love AMC's show Mad Men, and if I had more time in my busy schedule would have (and probably should have) planned a Mad Men premiere party for tonight. If I were to have planned such a party, I would have used the below images as inspiration for the planning.

Of course it would have to be a "theme" party where guests would be asked to dress in period attire. Whether I invited guests via an evite or a formal, drop in the mail invitation I'd use the below period ad as inspiration for the design. And what 60's retro party would be complete without retro receipe cocktails and appetizers? Sandwich loaf and fondue anyone?

Photo Credits: Clothing,; fondue,; assorted retro appetizers, retro party spread,, glassware,; punchbowl,, retro cocktails, &

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