Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where Did You Honeymoon?

When planning our honeymoon last year, my husband and I had initially narrowed down our choices to either a European vacation, or something in the Caribbean. After going on a family vacation cruise which stopped in Jamaica, we were instantly hooked. I personally loved the weather. I hate humidity and Jamaica is not humid at all yet very warm and lush. We knew it would be the perfect place to relax and recharge after our crazy huge wedding (photos and blog post of said crazy, televised wedding soon to come). Europe suddenly seemed like it would be too much work. You know, all that sight seeing and all.

We knew we wanted to do something all-inclusive, so after much research on Trip Advisor we finally settled on Couples Swept Away, which is an all-inclusive, adults only resort in Negril. To make a long story short, let's just say that our honeymoon was one of our favorite vacations ever! The service was great, the food delicious and had so many included activities there was no shortage of things to do. We had the best time.

Our big, one year anniversary is coming up on October 4th so to celebrate it this year Mr. Feld and I decided we're going to vacation at Couples Swept Away again. I'm so excited!

Here's a few photos of the resort for all you brides to be deciding on your honeymoon destination. I highly recommend it.

Where are you planning to honeymoon? Or if already married where did you honeymoon? I'd love to hear.

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