Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Favorite Online DIY Paper Vendors

I work with a lot of brides that want the best of both worlds. They want a professional invitation design, but also to print and assemble their invitations themselves to save money.

What can sometimes get tricky when printing your own invitations is making sure you can easily run the paper through your home inkjet printer. That and that the ink absorbs properly into the paper as well. Not all invitation paper stocks are suitable for home printer use for these reasons.

Some of my favorite sources for DIY Invitation kits are:

  • by far this is my favorite site for DIYers. They're paper options print well on home inkjet printers, and if there is any change there is a product that might not be compatible they state so on the webpage. This is a great source for inexpensive pocket folds, programs, escort cards and more.
  • - another great DIY source. They also sell ATG Tape guns, which are these funky adhesive tape guns that make assembling your own invites much easier. You then don't have to deal with messy glue.
  • Martha Stewart Kits- you can purchase these at stores like Michael's and Walmart. They usually come with beautiful, lined envelopes and are relatively inexpensive. You can view a selection of these kits by visiting the Martha Stewart Celebrations section of .
  • Office Supply Stores- like Stapes also has some great, inexpensive options. Don't rule these guys out thinking they're just office supply.

If you find a great DIY kit and just need help on designing a professional looking template to print out using your own paper, feel free to contact Invite Couture for a design quote. We make it easy for you to just open a file and print your invitations hassel free.

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