Monday, February 22, 2010

My Wedding Concierge

Congratulations to all you soon to be brides and grooms who were engaged over Valentine's weekend!

Now that you've said "yes" and the realization that you are now getting married is setting in, what's a girl to do to plan your wedding? I must say that since I was married in '08, there is now a wealth of information available on the Internet that wasn't there even a year ago. Bridal Blogs (like the Invite Couture Blog) provide brides with a wealth of up to date wedding trends and information that's totally tailored to bride's individual tastes. If you have a rocker style, there are rocker bridal blogs. If vintage is your thing there are vintage bridal blogs. You just have to know where to find them.

With the hundreds of wedding blogs out there, where does one start? One newer service to check out is My Wedding Concierge. My Wedding Concierge is a wedding blog search engine. It works kind of like Google but without having a bunch of non-wedding stuff pop up that you're not interested in. Creator Phyllis Cheung created My Wedding Concierge to be a weddings specific source for brides to find area vendors.

My Wedding Concierge also has an iPhone app! How awesome is that?! Now you can easily take your wedding planning with you wherever you find yourself on the go!

I wish wedding planning was this easy back when I planned my own.

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