Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Name three important things to consider when starting a stationary/paper goods business :)Also: What is the best part of being your own boss

Wow, what an awesome first question to receive! Here would be my top 3 tips when first starting out in the stationery business.

First, would be (and I was guilty of this myself) is it's actually spelled "stationery" and not "stationary". I had even myself designed my entire website with the incorrect spelling, and am thankful a well respected stationer I was following on Twitter pointed it out to me. As she told me if you want to be considered a professional in the business you have to spell what you create correctly. Initially I took offense to her pointing that out to me but now in hindsight I'm very thankful she did and consider it the best piece of advice given to me while building my business.

Second, is to do your research and create a relationship with a really great printer (granted you are not purchasing your own equipment and doing it yourself). I tried a few different professional printers before I found one who's work makes my designs look amazing and who provides me with great customer service. Remember when building a relationship with a printer that you will be bringing them repeat business, so really developing a good professional relationship is key.

Third is not to send out or produce any designs you create that you are not 100% in love with. It's not fair to your clients and it's not fair to you. Kind of like how chef's in a kitchen will not put out a dish that isn't 100% up to their standards I feel the same goes with stationery design (or any kind of design for that matter). Adhering to this will allow you to put out designs that max your creativity and build a fantastic portfolio.

What's the best part about being my own boss? I love that I know that I am accountable for my own actions. That as long as I put the time and effort into it, it will pay out for me. Another thing that's special to me about now being a business owner is I'm 3rd generation in my family to be one. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and it feels great to me to do the same in a business that reflects my passions and personality.

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  1. My first and foremost is, I love to create and love what I do as an invitation designer


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