Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Books (Or Albums) Are Judged by Their Cover

Rhapsody in Blue Album Cover: www.alexsteinweiss.com

I came across this really incredible article, The Graphic Designer Who Revolutionized the Way We Market Music.

It talks about how in 1939 Columbia Records hired a young graphic artist named Alex Steinweiss to create marketing materials. Steinweiss later came up with the revolutionary idea to cover album covers with artwork representing the music instead of the basic brown paper covers that were used and Columbia's sales raised over 800% shortly after.

Besides including some beautiful album covers, the article really reminded me how easily both art and music compliment each other hand in hand. I especially love the Rhapsody in Blue album cover, with the single piano all alone under the streetlamp in the looming city. Gorgeous.

What's your favorite album cover? Do you feel recording artists' music are as well represented in today's album covers than they were in the past? I personally don't feel the same thought and attention go into album covers today than they did in years past, which is why this article was appealing to me.

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