Monday, December 21, 2009

5 Tips to Survive Holiday Parties

Photo Credit: Mrs. W's Kitchen

It's the last week most of us are attending Holiday Parties (myself included). How does one survive the many parties of the season? All the food, cocktails and treats make it difficult to not weigh an additional 10 pounds come New Years and make diet and exercise a mandatory New Year's Resolution.

I decided to do some digging and came across some tips by the Examiner to enjoy the parties of the season and not pay for it later.

5 Tips to Survive Holiday Parties



  1. Love the post! I see one of my biggest holiday calorie blunders in your photo!!! Here are some of my helpful hints from some one who is spending the holidays {and the rest of the year} attempting to lose weight.
    1. Small plates - no not tapas, I bought & love the everyday restaurant dinnerware set from Williams-Sonoma because they are a normal, healthy size {so annoyed by large plates! no one needs to have a charger or platter as a dinner plate!} I also use smaller antique/vintage serving pieces for the table so there are less seconds to be tempted by! Plus it is pretty and have turned dinner at home for 2 every night into something more romantic! This works great too for holiday dinners - put the "treats" in smaller serving pieces and the "healthy" items in larger ones. That way visually you know what you can have more of or less of.
    2. The small snack idea before a party is great, but I find it doesn't work for me {or most people I know} especially since before parties I am usually rushing to get ready & rarely leave on time. I drink instead! Bolthouse green or blue goodness fruit smoothies are quick & healthy + you feel fuller if you drink them quicky. But if I don't have a Bolthouse I will drink a full glass or two of water or skim milk quickly before eating anything.
    3. I also try to always balance carbs w/ fiber or protien - it just does less damage & you feel more satisfied.
    4. Another good strategy is that I utilize my Husband more gentleman qualities - I have him plate food for us to share {buffet or pot-luck arrangements} that way I don't see/want everything & he knows what I love/like - so I don't feel deprived in the least & I rarely over indulge with this method.
    5. My last portion control idea for buffets/pot-lucks or with deserts is to use a plastic/paper cup instead of a plate. It is instant good portion control and it is easier to stand to eat w/o spilling!

  2. Thanks Nicole, those are some awesome tips. I'll have to try them out before the party I'm going to Wednesday!


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