Friday, November 27, 2009

Top 10 Alternative Entertainment Ideas for Your Event

Who says the entertainment for your event could only be a DJ or a Band? Here's my top ten "out of the box" ideas for entertainment at your next event.

  1. A Comedian or Comedy Troupe: I've been to several events in New York where part of the entertainment was a stand-up comic. One thing that's nice is depending on the comic, you can prepare them with material prior to the event. This is great especially for a surprise birthday or something if you want to "roast" the honoree (granted they are the type of person who would appreciate it).

  2. Acrobats: Depending on your budget and where you are located, a Cirque du Soleil inspired performance may be an option. Acrobats can perform in a variety of venues and can range from hand balancers, silk trapeze, jugglers, and more. Acrobatic performances are ones your guests are sure to soon not forget.

  3. Dancers: Professional Ballroom dancers or ethnic dance troupes make for an interesting evening. Better yet, get your guests involved with a dance demonstration and then a lesson at the event.

  4. An Impersonator: I have seen some phenomenal impersonators at events. One of the best I've seen wasn't an impersonator per se, but a singer who sang all Frank Sinatra and sounded exactly like him.

  5. Bands with a "Schtick": I personally am not a big fan of bands and usually prefer DJ's. When I worked in a catering hall a while back, one of the best bands I've ever seen perform, and at a wedding at that was a band fronted by a drag queen who impersonated all the great Diva's better than any woman could. She was amazing! Band's with a "schtick" are always ones your guests will remember as opposed to the same old band everyone gets for their event. Cover and Tribute bands are also crowd pleasers.

  6. A Palm Reader: Palm readings are one of those things that everyone loves but won't admit it and won't pay for it themselves. Why not treat your guests to a glimpse into their future?

  7. A Caricature Artist: Send your guests home with a personalized gift!

  8. A Magician- Magician's aren't just for children's parties. Liven up dinner hour with some table side card tricks.

  9. Mind Reader/Mentalist/Hypnotist- Hire a mentalist to read your guests minds or hypnotize them. Makes for interesting dinner conversation afterwards.

  10. Dueling Pianos- Have music and guest interaction with this option.

What was the most memorable entertainment you've ever experienced at an event?

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