Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Easiest Way to Assemble Your Own Invites

Guess what? Assembling your own invitations does not mean hours and hours spent gluing layers of paper together and waiting for it to dry. Many party hosts don't consider that the best materials for assembling and creating your invitations are readily available at your local craft store... in the scrap booking section!

Here are some of the items I suggest and how to use them:

Dot/Tape Adhesive
I prefer HERMA Dotto Adhesive but there are tons of dot/tape adhesives out there that all work great. This adhesive works well to not only adhere paper to paper, but it also works well if creating ribbon belly bands, since it will allow your guests to remove and reattach the belly band easily.


Curvy Cutter Cutting Tool
If you like the look of rounded corners, a simple tool like this could do the job for you. And being it costs a little over $10, makes it very DIY and budget friendly.


Decorative Punches
Most craft store scrap booking departments are chock-full of decorative punches. You can either punch out items to then adhere to your invitations as a 3D element, or you could punch out designs on your invitations for an added design element. The latter would look exceptionally cool on a layered invitation.


Guillotine Paper Cutters
Did you know you can save money on your DIY invitations buy purchasing card stock in 8.5"x11" sheets, printing two invitations a sheet and cutting then down to size? Guillotine style paper cutters make it really easy to do this at home.


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