Monday, December 29, 2008

Invitation Design and Your Event Venue

One of the most difficult tasks in the event planning process is deciding on a color scheme. Where does one start? Most people will start with a favorite color, choose based on the season, or might even choose a scheme they saw in a magazine and just really "liked". Or maybe it's blue to announce a new baby boy.

Something to consider when deciding on your final color scheme is your event venue. What colors are included in the room/tent/hall? For an outdoor wedding at a country club, the greens of the grass would be a potential color element you could tie into your scheme. For an event at catering hall or restaurant, most have some sort of paterned, colorful carpet from which you can also pull color ideas from. Using your venue for color inspiration can really help create a cohesive design that your guest will remember.

Here are some examples of invitations and the event decor they belong to for inspiration.

An Outdoor Wedding in Colorado

An Asian Wedding in San Francisco

A Loft Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

A Wedding at an Arbouretum

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