Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where to Find Cool Fonts and How to Load Them

Hundreds if not thousands of people go the DIY route when it comes to making invitations for their event. With many more chic paper options on the market today that are inkjet printer friendly, it's now easier than ever to make your own.

When going the DIY route however there is one stumbling block that will hamper your creativity: boring fonts. Most people will design their invitations in an easy to use word processing program like Microsoft Word. The only issue with Word is it comes pre-loaded with some of the most boring fonts on the planet.

There are several totally free websites that have a multitude of cool and fun fonts. A few of them include:

Granted, there are hundreds more than the 3 above I just mentioned. Just google "free fonts" and you'll see there are tons for you to sort through.

So after you find a font you like the next step is to download it and load it into the "fonts" folder for your Microsoft Office. The directions as follows are for if you have a Windows computer.

  1. First download the necessary font for your operating system (Windows or Mac) via the free fonts website of your choice.

  2. When your computer prompts you as to where to save the file, save it to your desktop. (Note: you could save the file anywhere that's easiest for you, I just find the desktop to be easiest)

  3. Usually, the file will be in some kind of compressed format on your desktop (i.e. Winzip, etc). You'll have to use a 3rd party software to unzip the file. To make things easy, when unziping the file select "extract to here". The file then will successfully be on your laptop.

  4. Next go to start > Control Panel > Fonts. The Windows Font Folder will then open. Then take the font file from the desktop and drag and drop it into the Windows Font Folder.

  1. Ta-da! You have successfully loaded your first font into your computer for use with Microsoft Word (or any other Microsoft program for that matter). Next open Word and enjoy creating a your own design!

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