Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lisa & Rostislav- Wedding Invitations

As a wedding gift for Lisa & Rostislav (aka Slava, a business associate of mine), I offered to design their wedding invitations for them.

Lisa & Slava had already purchased their wedding stationary, so that was a major factor in the design process. They had purchased a white, ink-jet printer friendly set from an office supply chain and got a great deal on it. So the goal for me in designing a package for them is to make something that doesn't look like a typical, home-made Microsoft Word design.

Lisa & Slava's Stock They Purchased

Lisa & Slava are getting married at the Waterfall Banquet and Conference Center in Claymont, Delaware. When starting their design process, the couple wanted to stick with a color scheme that would be easy to print themselves, so we stuck with a black and white/grayscale combo.

The critera they gave me in starting the process was:

  1. They wanted a somewhat "modern" design.

  2. They wanted to use a monogram that Slava had designed (and a great one at that!).

  3. They wanted the font Monotype Corsiva to be used (which is in the monogram).

Being the couple didn't really have a set "theme" in mind, I decided to play with the idea of "waterfalls" in their design, which I figured was suiting considering the venue they were getting married at.

Below are the 3 designs they had to choose from. In the end they chose design #2.

Design #1

Design #2

Design #2 Response Card

Design #3

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